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About Us

About Us

UrgentPoint is the brainchild of Joe Chauvapun, M.D. who found his passion in vascular surgery and accepted a position with Vascular Associates of Southern California (VASC) in Victorville, CA. VASC was started in 1989 by vascular surgeon, William Suval, M.D. In 2011, Dr. Chauvapun joined the vascular surgery team and acquired the practice in 2016 as Dr. Suval thought of retirement. As Dr. Chauvapun grew the vascular practice to 4 locations, a podiatry team and over 60 employees, he envisioned a way to reimagine health care as we know it, bringing a wellness focused approach to not only VASC, but other lines of business. He believed in meeting the patient where they are, every time and instilled that in his team throughout his journey. Meeting patients exactly where they are mentally, physically and emotionally allows UrgentPoint Medical Group to reinvent the way they practice healthcare.

An urgent care facility Dr. Chauvapun purchased in 2018 paved the way to the current addiction recovery line of business, LivingWell, and the wellness core of the business, Upward. Now a multispecialty medical group, UrgentPoint Medical Group will offer telemedicine and psychiatric services to all lines of business, not just the addiction recovery where it began.

Another core philosophy of the company is process, technology, people. We hone the processes that will ultimately help patients. We use technology as needed, to help streamline the processes and finally, we find the best people we can to implement the process and use the technology to create a better heath and wellness experience for our patients. It is with this in mind, that Electronic Health Management Application (EHMA) was started.

Dr. Chauvapun acquired the brainchild of a former colleague, a program that looked to fix all of the issues he constantly faced with current and past electronic health record (EHR) systems. The lost hours working in a system that wasn’t streamlined led to the creation of what will soon be the world’s first smart integrated healthcare system. The software is being designed by the doctors that use it and will be so user friendly, that there won’t be any training required.

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